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What is the one thing that every person on the planet has in common? You guessed it, FOOD. We welcome you to try some of these recipes, connect with the authors and share your own recipes. Browse Recipes

“Folks is folks. There are good white folks and good black folks. There are bad white folks and bad black folks. She also said, “Every person’s life is like a pot of gumbo, you get out what you put in.” Helen Broussard.
Food for the Soul Recipes
Australian peanut butter cookieBy bobrich18If you look up "peanut butter cookie" on a search engine, you get all sorts, with a long list of ingredients, and complications ++. This recipe is so easy that even I can do it, and so cheap even I can afford it.
Franki T.’s Protein-Packed ChiliBy FrankitNutrition facts: each bowl yields approximately 20 grams of lean protein. NOTE *I created this recipe after I underwent Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. To date, I’ve lost over 300 lbs, including the removal of 35 lbs excess skin & fat. I no longer have Sleep Apnea, Lymphedema, severe Compressed Spinal Discs, Gallstones and multiple Pulmonary Emboli.
Butterscotch Chocolate ChewiesBy kwendtThis yummy recipe won my sister the Grand Champion ribbon at the Victoria Livestock Show many years ago. It's a hit anywhere you take it!
Valentine CupcakesBy Carolyn StovallThese are some cute and easy cupcakes to make for Valentine Day for your special ones in your life. Everybody loves homemade food gifts for Valentine Day.
ANZAC biscuitsBy bobrich18There is a bit of a language clash: what in Australia we call a biscuit, ignorant Americans refer to as cookies. But the Cookie Monster does love ANZAC biscuits. The First World War was inflicted on humanity soon after the colonies on the Australian continent formed a new nation. They thought of themselves as proudly British, and thousands volunteered to fight. The Brit generals, however, didn’t value such colonials, and sacrificed them at Gallipoli, in Turkey. Combined with their brothers from New Zealand, they were put into an impossible situation, and suffered a terrible defeat that nevertheless forged them into the pride of the new nation. There was no refrigeration yet, and transportation was slow. So, the women back home invented something they could bake for their boys that would last the trip, be nourishing and tasty. Thus was the ANZAC biscuit born.
Signature Macadamia Nut Cheese (Mahina Mele Farm)By Breakfield_BurkeyMy dear friends at Mahina Mele Farm in Hawaii, Kollette and Jason Stith, have a certified organic farm which produces both organic Kona coffee, and Macadamia nuts. They are amazing and they ship these products all over the world. Kollette gave me permission to post this recipe as Breakfield and Burkey featured a character in The Enigma Gamers, George, drinking and talking about the great Kona coffee from this farm.
Lemon ChickenBy Breakfield_BurkeyThis is a light and easy chicken dish prepared on the grill that goes with anything. The hint of lemon, garlic, and spice makes this a favorite with even the pickiest eater. Serves 4
Moonshine Pecan PieBy Carolyn Stovall This is a really great pie. I make these pies to take for gifts, and my friends always love to get one of these pecan pies. I make these pies with Moonshine syrup that I buy at Green Tree Pecans in Powell Texas. * If you can not find the Moonshine syrup, you can substitute 3/4 c. Dark Karo, and 1/4 c. Maple syrup. (Just a suggestion, but you can blend in some rum, cognac, or bourbon with the syrup to take it up a notch. KR)
Cheesy Jalapeno BurritosBy Carolyn StovallThis is a quick and easy burrito recipe. This is always a hit to carry somewhere. These burritos are creamy, cheesy, and spicy.
Grilled Brussel SproutsBy Breakfield_BurkeyThis is a delicious side dish that is done on the grill. Great for brussel sprouts as no lingering odor. Great the first time and excellent reheated, if any are left over
Chicken Pot PieBy Carolyn Stovall Chicken Pot Pie is a great way to use leftover chicken from the holidays. This recipe is also easy to make.
Pepperoni Cheese BallBy Carolyn Stovall This is the best cheese ball ever. I take it to parties, and socials. Everybody loves it, and I have so many people to ask me for the recipe. This cheese ball is also really easy to make.
Family Pumpkin CheesecakeBy Breakfield_BurkeyThis creamy cheesecake is often requested and sometimes gifted during the holiday season. It is done in a ceramic type of pan 10" in diameter and with 2" sides. If your pan is bigger adjust the recipe accordingly. Embellish with chocolate leaves using rose petals as forms if you are feeling creative.
Holiday Delights (Squirrel Dung)By Breakfield_BurkeyThese mouthwatering chocolates are best cold. They are considered addictive in my house and reserved for the end of year holidays as gifts or just for fun. The original name was to help make the kids laugh when they helped make them.
Carrot CakeBy reneejeA cake that garners this caterer rave reviews
Warm Green Tea BrothBy Kim RobinsonThis drink is a very balancing and energizing tonic. A great variation from regular tea.
Triple Healthy Citrus PunchBy Kim RobinsonBesides being fun to make and super nutritious, this little recipe is very mildly cleansing, pH supportive, glucose balancing, with an awesome flavor to beat the band. It is low calorie and will thwart sugar addiction. Diabetics and others with sugar issues need not fear this taste of heaven - it has both a low glycemic index and load! You saw it first here, in Kim Robinsons Book!
Spiced Apples & OrangesBy Kim RobinsonPerfect for those blustery late winter afternoons that have us wondering if Spring ever will be here -- only to douse us in icy rain bringing shivers to even the most robust. This warming, sunny, fragrant recipe produces a heartening effect as a remedy for late winter whimpers, chasing away the wintery blues. (It's also easy!!!)
Spiced Apples & OrangesBy Kim RobinsonPerfect for those blustery late winter afternoons that have us wondering if Spring ever will be here -- only to douse us in icy rain bringing shivers to even the most robust. This warming, sunny, fragrant recipe produces a heartening effect as a remedy for late winter whimpers, chasing away the wintery blues. (It's also easy!!!)
Priest’s Crown RoastBy Kim RobinsonCoffee drinkers... Drink Priest Crown Instead! Priest Crown is an Herbal name for Dandelion Roots. The word Dandelion Means "Tooth of the Lion" and is named so because of the leafs shape. When I was growing up I had a love-hate relationship with dandelions... I loved to hate them! Now that I am an herbalist I love loving them as one of my favorite detoxification herbs for the kidney and colon. Delicious as a roasted coffee too... Bon Apetite! A fist full of cleaned, chopped up and dried dandelion roots (Endive roots, can be used in place of dandelion roots) They are larger and mature in one single growing season, whereas dandelions require several years to make the harvest worthwhile - The taste is the same) IF you just have capsules of Dandelion roots from the herb store, it works also. Just empty 3 capsules per cup desired into the skillet before heating it. Then roast them in a cast iron pan with the element on high, stirring constantly for uniform roasting When they first start to smoke they are done If it is pre-ground and from a capsule, remove from skillet and cool then use as ground coffee. If cut pieces use a coffee grinder then drip coffee maker. Few in life things are better then Priest's Crown roasted in a cast iron pan.
Organic Electric Lemonade-LimeadeBy Kim RobinsonThe night before making this, place the water into a glass pitcher with several cleared quartz stones around the bottom of the OUTSIDE of the pitcher. The stones should be cleansed and charged but should at least be cleared before making this and the pitcher should be glass or ceramic or the effect will be minimized. If you don't know how to prepare or potentize stones just google "clearing quartz crystals" for the steps to do so.
Four Winds TeaBy Kim Robinson"Good tonic for mind body and soul. A general blend for holistic well being, homeostasis, and having adaptogenic properties... can be savored any time of the day or night". Can even be refrigerated for a few days. For your highest good, you'll achieve better results sipping it with focused intention. To do this. it is best to hold the warm tea in your hands close to your heart, Breath deeply and slowly, enjoy it's subtle fragrance, and bring your mental focus and energy into the tea. Then, Between sips... Take a line from the Native Americans... a very spiritual people and my people... Ask for the blessings of the spirit of water and of the Four Directions. The Spirit of the East, of new beginnings, illumination and freedom. The Spirit of the South, of intuition, inner knowing and healing. Next is the Spirit of the West, of transformation, renewal, light and transmutation. Lastly, Spirit of the North, of wisdom, fertility, abundance and stability. You can also call upon and envision your Angels, the Great Spirit, God, the Greatest Name, Allah, Ascended Masters, Goddess, Elohim, and/ or all non-physical beings that are to heal or assist in your lifes journey. A wonderful daily experience alone or shared with a loved one, which will help to realign the physical, mental, and spiritual forces within for increased well-being. If drank in the morning it will give you vitality. If drank at night, you will awaken more rested.
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Introduction by Kim Robinson

What is the one thing that every person on the planet has in common? You guessed it, FOOD! It is the one thing that brings people together. No matter where or who you are, you got to eat. I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy a good plate of food.

This book is a collection of the best recipes of some of my friends. We have a compilation of recipes from authors, entertainers, business owners, reviewers, publishers. in other words, people from all walks of life and from around the world are sharing within these pages.

There is so much talent here that I could not just give you information from their family cupboards without telling you something about them. You will find photos, videos and links that will take you to their websites and where you purchase their books and products.

You will be surprised at how much is passed on in recipes, and after getting to know them, you will taste a difference. Growing up I spent a lot of time at “Mom’s Soul Food Restaurant,” which was owned by my grandmother. My grandmother, Helen is Louisiana born and grew up watching her mother who had a restaurant that was part of her speakeasy. You can read about all that in my book “The Roux in the Gumbo.” My Great grandmother was also the cook for the town judge for over forty years until he died.

No one comes out of Louisiana without knowing how to cook. Sometimes my grandmother's restaurant customers would come in and instead of ordering from the menu they would tell my grandmother what ailed them. She would come out of the kitchen after working her magic, put a plate in front of them and a few days later they would return talking about how good they are feeling, thanks to her.

She explained, “God created herbs and food to help people stay healthy. Just like there is medicine for different sicknesses, there is food that can be used to get the same results without the side effects.

Most of the medicines and vitamins are manufactured from herbs, leaves or vegetables. If you have a cold you need a lot of onion and garlic, I could go on forever naming dishes like gumbo, etouffee, spaghetti and lasagna that have these two healing ingredients.

A nice steaming bowl of chicken soup is light, and when you are under the weather the warm broth with its natural antibiotics and purifying properties will, for lack of a better word, slide the infection right out of your body. Constipation is the cause of a myriad of ailments. You have to be loosened up and the colon cleansed out. A salad with lots of olive oil in the dressing or a glass of prune juice will do the trick. If you have a headache, drink mint tea and take the oil from the leaves and place it on your temples. For cramps try black Cohosh tea. Stomach upset, sarsaparilla tea or club soda and bitters. A hangover will disappear with orange juice, hot sauce, and raw eggs, along with a good healthy breakfast and lots of water to rehydrate.

Think back a hundred years ago, our ancestors did not have the diseases that plague us today. They were rarely sick and lived a lot longer. I think that the medicines that are concocted today have so many side effects which that outweigh any good that could be done. Why do you think there are all those commercials, “If you have taken “Miracle Cure” and can not control your bowels, have had a stroke, can’t walk, can’t think, or find yourself in a cemetery six feet under, call this number, they may owe you compensation for your suffering.” This is so funny to me.

The doctors, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers get rich while you deteriorate all in the name of medical science. Stop being a guinea pig, eat right and exercise. Look up the side effects before you take prescribed medicine don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about herbal or holistic equivalents.

Like my Grandmother said, “There is no better gift that you can give to a person than a good nourishing plate of food. You are not only feeding the stomach you are feeding the soul.”

Le Bon Temp Roulet! “Let The Good Times Roll!”

Enjoy Food for the Soul and Sweet Satisfaction.

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