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Four Winds TeaBy Kim Robinson"Good tonic for mind body and soul. A general blend for holistic well being, homeostasis, and having adaptogenic properties... can be savored any time of the day or night". Can even be refrigerated for a few days. For your highest good, you'll achieve better results sipping it with focused intention. To do this. it is best to hold the warm tea in your hands close to your heart, Breath deeply and slowly, enjoy it's subtle fragrance, and bring your mental focus and energy into the tea. Then, Between sips... Take a line from the Native Americans... a very spiritual people and my people... Ask for the blessings of the spirit of water and of the Four Directions. The Spirit of the East, of new beginnings, illumination and freedom. The Spirit of the South, of intuition, inner knowing and healing. Next is the Spirit of the West, of transformation, renewal, light and transmutation. Lastly, Spirit of the North, of wisdom, fertility, abundance and stability. You can also call upon and envision your Angels, the Great Spirit, God, the Greatest Name, Allah, Ascended Masters, Goddess, Elohim, and/ or all non-physical beings that are to heal or assist in your lifes journey. A wonderful daily experience alone or shared with a loved one, which will help to realign the physical, mental, and spiritual forces within for increased well-being. If drank in the morning it will give you vitality. If drank at night, you will awaken more rested.
Bangin Health BrowniesBy Kim RobinsonPerfect treat for those times of sweet temptation.. Lot's of natural ingredients... brownies just never fail to hit the spot... Helpful Hints: use dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, these brownies are "the rage!"
5 Star Virgin MaryBy Kim RobinsonIf you like sweet and sour flavors and health drinks, try this one as a good mid-day pick-me-up. It's as interesting to create as to drink. You will definitely know that you have drank something. Some will choose to add a jigger of Vodka to this, which would make it a Bloody Mary (named after Queen Mary of the Massacres). And, there is an interesting debate about spirituality or christianity and the morality of drinking alcohol. One school says essentially it could offend your brother and give you a buzz, so don't even partake even if it's not wrong. The other camp basically says that because Paul recommended it to Timothy as a tonic, and because Christ (as Mechelzedek) offered it to Abraham, made wine by Mary's request at a wedding, and consumed it on occasion, then it cannot be "sinful" in its own right. That you can partake but just but don't get intoxicated. Hmm, I'll just post it as a virgin drink and I'll leave that to the experts to figure out and let the rest of us know when they're done. Really it's just as good without the booze. If you do choose to add spirits, please do so responsibly.
Zesty Turkey Spaghetti with Meatballs over whole wheat pastaBy Kim RobinsonOn Lycopene Lycopene, the carotenoid which gives tomatoes their red colour, is now considered to be a very potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Useful in fighting cancer and aging cells. And I love to cook with wine... sometimes it even goes into the food..."..grin... But seriously... if you're like me you often don't even finish a bottle of wine you may open. Good thing that wine is a great for cooking. It's a way to add loads of flavor while adding no fat. No hard fast rules here... I just smell the cooking food while touching the wine to my tongue. If the flavors seem to match and I'm in a creative mood, in goes a splash of the wine. And don't worry about getting drunk, the alcohol cooks out.
Whitehouse Turkey Meatloaf and GravyBy Kim RobinsonIncreased putrification of the gut, increased risk of auto intoxificaton and increased bowel transit time are all contributing factors. (Best served up with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. A wonderful solid meal. Lots of ingredients, but worth the time and effort).
Savory SalmonBy Kim RobinsonOmega 3 oils help balance your blood cholesterol. If you have circulatory issues, eat more salmon.
Quick Veggie PizzaBy Kim RobinsonFun and conveinient can still mean decent for your health, and for you meat lovers this is a recipe that you can tailor to your test, bring on the pepperoni, sausage and anchovies, the sky is the limit!
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