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Cheesy Jalapeno BurritosBy Carolyn StovallThis is a quick and easy burrito recipe. This is always a hit to carry somewhere. These burritos are creamy, cheesy, and spicy.
Grilled Brussel SproutsBy Breakfield_BurkeyThis is a delicious side dish that is done on the grill. Great for brussel sprouts as no lingering odor. Great the first time and excellent reheated, if any are left over
Chicken Pot PieBy Carolyn Stovall Chicken Pot Pie is a great way to use leftover chicken from the holidays. This recipe is also easy to make.
Pepperoni Cheese BallBy Carolyn Stovall This is the best cheese ball ever. I take it to parties, and socials. Everybody loves it, and I have so many people to ask me for the recipe. This cheese ball is also really easy to make.
Family Pumpkin CheesecakeBy Breakfield_BurkeyThis creamy cheesecake is often requested and sometimes gifted during the holiday season. It is done in a ceramic type of pan 10" in diameter and with 2" sides. If your pan is bigger adjust the recipe accordingly. Embellish with chocolate leaves using rose petals as forms if you are feeling creative.
Holiday Delights (Squirrel Dung)By Breakfield_BurkeyThese mouthwatering chocolates are best cold. They are considered addictive in my house and reserved for the end of year holidays as gifts or just for fun. The original name was to help make the kids laugh when they helped make them.
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