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Australian peanut butter cookieBy bobrich18If you look up "peanut butter cookie" on a search engine, you get all sorts, with a long list of ingredients, and complications ++. This recipe is so easy that even I can do it, and so cheap even I can afford it.
ANZAC biscuitsBy bobrich18There is a bit of a language clash: what in Australia we call a biscuit, ignorant Americans refer to as cookies. But the Cookie Monster does love ANZAC biscuits. The First World War was inflicted on humanity soon after the colonies on the Australian continent formed a new nation. They thought of themselves as proudly British, and thousands volunteered to fight. The Brit generals, however, didn’t value such colonials, and sacrificed them at Gallipoli, in Turkey. Combined with their brothers from New Zealand, they were put into an impossible situation, and suffered a terrible defeat that nevertheless forged them into the pride of the new nation. There was no refrigeration yet, and transportation was slow. So, the women back home invented something they could bake for their boys that would last the trip, be nourishing and tasty. Thus was the ANZAC biscuit born.
Rakott Krumpli (stacked spuds)By bobrich18Where it comes from Bob Rich was born in Hungary, but was transported to Australia for the term of his natural life. He turned fourteen in a new land, with a strange language, strange customs. The years have passed, and now the home of his childhood is strange. Australia is home. Some things have stayed with him however. Here is one of his favorite Hungarian recipes: RAKOTT KRUMPLI [literal translation: 'stacked spuds'] This can be made with all ingredients specially prepared, but that's cheating. Rakott krumpli is a way of using leftovers. More exactly, you deliberately cook too much one day, so you have an elastic meal that can accommodate surprise visitors, and if they don't come, you have the makings for a meal tomorrow. Saves on time and cooking energy too. Lightly grease a casserole dish or two. Line the bottom and sides with thin slices of boiled potatoes. Then put in a layer of thin slices of boiled eggs, then spuds again, then eggs... until the dish is full. The top layer should be potatoes. That's the base. As you fill, you need to sprinkle in breadcrumbs, salt and something juicy and tart like sour cream or yogurt. And while you are at it, you can put in approximately whatever savory leftovers you happen to have, or bacon pieces, grated cheese, onions. You are limited only by imagination and the contents of your kitchen. But the basic recipe is pretty good by itself. It looks nice if you brown some breadcrumbs in a frying pan and put that on the top. All the ingredients are already cooked, so all you need to do is to pop the dish into a moderate oven until the liquid components (yogurt or whatever) start bubbling. Bob Rich
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