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5 Star Virgin MaryBy Kim RobinsonIf you like sweet and sour flavors and health drinks, try this one as a good mid-day pick-me-up. It's as interesting to create as to drink. You will definitely know that you have drank something. Some will choose to add a jigger of Vodka to this, which would make it a Bloody Mary (named after Queen Mary of the Massacres). And, there is an interesting debate about spirituality or christianity and the morality of drinking alcohol. One school says essentially it could offend your brother and give you a buzz, so don't even partake even if it's not wrong. The other camp basically says that because Paul recommended it to Timothy as a tonic, and because Christ (as Mechelzedek) offered it to Abraham, made wine by Mary's request at a wedding, and consumed it on occasion, then it cannot be "sinful" in its own right. That you can partake but just but don't get intoxicated. Hmm, I'll just post it as a virgin drink and I'll leave that to the experts to figure out and let the rest of us know when they're done. Really it's just as good without the booze. If you do choose to add spirits, please do so responsibly.