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Four Winds TeaBy Kim Robinson"Good tonic for mind body and soul. A general blend for holistic well being, homeostasis, and having adaptogenic properties... can be savored any time of the day or night". Can even be refrigerated for a few days. For your highest good, you'll achieve better results sipping it with focused intention. To do this. it is best to hold the warm tea in your hands close to your heart, Breath deeply and slowly, enjoy it's subtle fragrance, and bring your mental focus and energy into the tea. Then, Between sips... Take a line from the Native Americans... a very spiritual people and my people... Ask for the blessings of the spirit of water and of the Four Directions. The Spirit of the East, of new beginnings, illumination and freedom. The Spirit of the South, of intuition, inner knowing and healing. Next is the Spirit of the West, of transformation, renewal, light and transmutation. Lastly, Spirit of the North, of wisdom, fertility, abundance and stability. You can also call upon and envision your Angels, the Great Spirit, God, the Greatest Name, Allah, Ascended Masters, Goddess, Elohim, and/ or all non-physical beings that are to heal or assist in your lifes journey. A wonderful daily experience alone or shared with a loved one, which will help to realign the physical, mental, and spiritual forces within for increased well-being. If drank in the morning it will give you vitality. If drank at night, you will awaken more rested.