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What is the one thing that every person on the planet has in common? You guessed it, FOOD. We welcome you to try some of these recipes, connect with the authors and share your own recipes. Browse Recipes

“Folks is folks. There are good white folks and good black folks. There are bad white folks and bad black folks. She also said, “Every person’s life is like a pot of gumbo, you get out what you put in.” Helen Broussard.
Food for the Soul Recipes
Bangin Health BrowniesBy Kim RobinsonPerfect treat for those times of sweet temptation.. Lot's of natural ingredients... brownies just never fail to hit the spot... Helpful Hints: use dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, these brownies are "the rage!"
Rakott Krumpli (stacked spuds)By bobrich18Where it comes from Bob Rich was born in Hungary, but was transported to Australia for the term of his natural life. He turned fourteen in a new land, with a strange language, strange customs. The years have passed, and now the home of his childhood is strange. Australia is home. Some things have stayed with him however. Here is one of his favorite Hungarian recipes: RAKOTT KRUMPLI [literal translation: 'stacked spuds'] This can be made with all ingredients specially prepared, but that's cheating. Rakott krumpli is a way of using leftovers. More exactly, you deliberately cook too much one day, so you have an elastic meal that can accommodate surprise visitors, and if they don't come, you have the makings for a meal tomorrow. Saves on time and cooking energy too. Lightly grease a casserole dish or two. Line the bottom and sides with thin slices of boiled potatoes. Then put in a layer of thin slices of boiled eggs, then spuds again, then eggs... until the dish is full. The top layer should be potatoes. That's the base. As you fill, you need to sprinkle in breadcrumbs, salt and something juicy and tart like sour cream or yogurt. And while you are at it, you can put in approximately whatever savory leftovers you happen to have, or bacon pieces, grated cheese, onions. You are limited only by imagination and the contents of your kitchen. But the basic recipe is pretty good by itself. It looks nice if you brown some breadcrumbs in a frying pan and put that on the top. All the ingredients are already cooked, so all you need to do is to pop the dish into a moderate oven until the liquid components (yogurt or whatever) start bubbling. Bob Rich
5 Star Virgin MaryBy Kim RobinsonIf you like sweet and sour flavors and health drinks, try this one as a good mid-day pick-me-up. It's as interesting to create as to drink. You will definitely know that you have drank something. Some will choose to add a jigger of Vodka to this, which would make it a Bloody Mary (named after Queen Mary of the Massacres). And, there is an interesting debate about spirituality or christianity and the morality of drinking alcohol. One school says essentially it could offend your brother and give you a buzz, so don't even partake even if it's not wrong. The other camp basically says that because Paul recommended it to Timothy as a tonic, and because Christ (as Mechelzedek) offered it to Abraham, made wine by Mary's request at a wedding, and consumed it on occasion, then it cannot be "sinful" in its own right. That you can partake but just but don't get intoxicated. Hmm, I'll just post it as a virgin drink and I'll leave that to the experts to figure out and let the rest of us know when they're done. Really it's just as good without the booze. If you do choose to add spirits, please do so responsibly.
Zesty Turkey Spaghetti with Meatballs over whole wheat pastaBy Kim RobinsonOn Lycopene Lycopene, the carotenoid which gives tomatoes their red colour, is now considered to be a very potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Useful in fighting cancer and aging cells. And I love to cook with wine... sometimes it even goes into the food..."..grin... But seriously... if you're like me you often don't even finish a bottle of wine you may open. Good thing that wine is a great for cooking. It's a way to add loads of flavor while adding no fat. No hard fast rules here... I just smell the cooking food while touching the wine to my tongue. If the flavors seem to match and I'm in a creative mood, in goes a splash of the wine. And don't worry about getting drunk, the alcohol cooks out.
Whitehouse Turkey Meatloaf and GravyBy Kim RobinsonIncreased putrification of the gut, increased risk of auto intoxificaton and increased bowel transit time are all contributing factors. (Best served up with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. A wonderful solid meal. Lots of ingredients, but worth the time and effort).
Savory SalmonBy Kim RobinsonOmega 3 oils help balance your blood cholesterol. If you have circulatory issues, eat more salmon.
Quick Veggie PizzaBy Kim RobinsonFun and conveinient can still mean decent for your health, and for you meat lovers this is a recipe that you can tailor to your test, bring on the pepperoni, sausage and anchovies, the sky is the limit!
Long & Hot Soup with Bok ChoiBy Kim RobinsonOn Immune Health... Cayenne and Garlic ( A touch of the Orient in this soup, this stuff will clear up just about anything!) You may have noticed I keep pushing ginger cayenne and garlic at you. ... These are really heavy duty herbs and should be used regularly. These herbs are pure botanical alternative medicine, and have historically been shown to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity. They are are known for their proven ability to both enhance & strengthen the human immune system. This immunity support helps kills germs that cause fevers and infections. While also increases the body's natural resistance system they increases the body's capacity to withstand a successful bacterial and/or viral invasion, and boosts the body's ability to recuperate. They support effective blood purification and detoxification and are good while cleansing. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. It sometimes becomes overtaxed during exposure to acute and chronic cellular diseases. These herbs also support the cardiovascular system by supporting proper blood flow. Here is the "Mike Tyson" of chicken soups.
Lemon Baked Perch, Haddock, Flounder or GrouperBy Kim RobinsonMany have used the Lemon Cleanse to help for all types of addictions, according to Stanley Burroughs, author of "The Master Cleanser." Mr. Burroughs on page 25 of his book states, "Alcoholics, smokers, and other drug addicts will receive untold benefits from this diet. The chemical changes and the cleansing have a way of removing the craving and the many probable deficiencies. Thus the desire for the unnatural types of stimulants and depressants disappears. The usual cravings experienced and suffered in breaking away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco no longer present themselves during and after this diet. It is truly a wonderful feeling to be free from slavery to these many habit-forming and devitalizing elements of modern living. Coffee, tea, and various cola drinks, as habit-forming beverages, also lose their appeal through the marvels of the "lemonade diet."
Jumpin Jalapeno Corn MuffinsBy Kim RobinsonThis delicious muffin recipe can easily be altered by adding honey or nuts on top just before baking or other additions. These things are Jumpin!
Hearty Buckwheat PancakesBy Kim RobinsonBuckwheat is not really a wheat but more of a dried berry. These things are loaded with good nutrition. These are delicious buckwheat pancakes that taste great with a little butter and syrup. Pick up grade B
Grilled Portabello Mushroom Sandwich on Multigrain BunBy Kim RobinsonOn white bread versus whole grained Breads... Two slices of whole wheat bread contain about as much fiber as a 1/2 cup of veggies. Two benefits of fiber are colon health and lower cholesterol (a blood thickener). Whole grains are healthier because they contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber than refined grains, primarily because the bran of the kernel has not been removed. When the bran becomes part of the product, such as a 100 percent whole wheat bread or brown rice, it is healthier. White bread has the fiber removed and is then "bleached". A slice of white bread has a higher glycemin index (sugar that's delivered at the bloodstream level) than even white table sugar. Feed your family whole wheat. It just tastes better and the additional cost is offset because you will need less of it to satisfy you. Check the weights of the packages and the cost is not that much different. If needed, one can adjust to the taste by using one slice of each type on a sandwich for a few weeks. Enough of the chatter. lets make a great sandwich to start off! The term "portabello" was a great marketing ploy to breath new life into the mushroom industry. Worked like a charm and boy am I glad it did... it's one of my favorites. Enjoy!
Green Peas with Carrots and VeggiesBy Kim RobinsonOn Butter... When I buy butter I let it soften then blend it with equal amounts of olive oil. This adds good oils in with the bad. I also find that I need less, so it's really like cutting the butter down to 1/3 without sacrificing the taste. Olive oil should be one of your primary cooking oils. Rich in monounsaturated fat, olive oil also contains phytochemicals that may help lower blood cholesterol levels and protect against cancer. Unlike most vegetable oils, which are very bland, olive oil adds its own delicious flavor to foods. And here's a fresh herb tip. When I go to the store and see the fresh herbs on sale, I grab up a bunch and take them home. I section them out into sprigs then freeze them in ice cubes made from chicken stock. I then seal the cubes in bags. To use, I just pop the cubes into the pot as needed. Works like a charm.
Easy Black BeansBy Kim RobinsonLegumes are a valuable part of a healthy diet, because they are low in fat, do not contain cholesterol, and have a significant amount of fiber and protein. Black beans lower cholesterol. Cooking with wine.
Blue Ribbon Turkey ChiliBy Kim RobinsonCareful, this stuff is hot! Using some fresh and some canned ingredients, this chili is a snap to throw together and will keep you craving it for days. Chunky zucchini, fresh green onion, yogurt, and - what the heck - shredded Cheddar cheese, are sure to make this your favorite chili recipe. If you like beans in your chili, garbanzos right out of the can are great in this.
2 Turkey Burgers with Side of SauerkrautBy Kim RobinsonOn Turkey Versus Beef... Oprah had it right beef is bad news. Turkey breaks down faster, beef sticks around way too long. Geographic data show an association between beef consumption and bowel cancer incidence. Argentina, New Zealand, Scotland and Uruguay, all high beef consumers, show high bowel cancer rates. This trend is also apparent in the urban North United States. Farmers and Southerners tend to eat more chicken and suffer less bowel cancer according to the Medical Tribune. Increased putrification of the gut, increased risk of auto intoxificaton and increased bowel transit time are all contributing factors. Zion
My Family’s GumboBy Kim Robinson “Every person’s life is like a pot of gumbo, you get out what you put in.” Helen Broussard Gumbo is a popular Louisiana dish, a kind of soup. There must be a million variations on how to make it. Every person who makes it thinks theirs is better than the next. I have seen people arguing over what is the best way to make this dish. Just like life, everyone has some input on what would make the next person’s life better. Some people want more sausage, more shrimp, or no shrimp. Some want crab or oysters. Some prefer more spice, more file’ (feelay). One thing they all have in common is a Roux (Roo). Roux is the gravy base and the foundation of this dish. It gives the soup its flavor and is what makes you get that second bowl. Everyone has a Roux in their life. Someone who influenced every step they took, and gave their life direction. Mother was my Roux. In order to see into this incredible woman, you have to know what came before and what came after. That is where we go in The Roux in the Gumbo novel. Let’s go, it is going to be an adventure. Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll)
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Introduction by Kim Robinson

What is the one thing that every person on the planet has in common? You guessed it, FOOD! It is the one thing that brings people together. No matter where or who you are, you got to eat. I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy a good plate of food.

This book is a collection of the best recipes of some of my friends. We have a compilation of recipes from authors, entertainers, business owners, reviewers, publishers. in other words, people from all walks of life and from around the world are sharing within these pages.

There is so much talent here that I could not just give you information from their family cupboards without telling you something about them. You will find photos, videos and links that will take you to their websites and where you purchase their books and products.

You will be surprised at how much is passed on in recipes, and after getting to know them, you will taste a difference. Growing up I spent a lot of time at “Mom’s Soul Food Restaurant,” which was owned by my grandmother. My grandmother, Helen is Louisiana born and grew up watching her mother who had a restaurant that was part of her speakeasy. You can read about all that in my book “The Roux in the Gumbo.” My Great grandmother was also the cook for the town judge for over forty years until he died.

No one comes out of Louisiana without knowing how to cook. Sometimes my grandmother's restaurant customers would come in and instead of ordering from the menu they would tell my grandmother what ailed them. She would come out of the kitchen after working her magic, put a plate in front of them and a few days later they would return talking about how good they are feeling, thanks to her.

She explained, “God created herbs and food to help people stay healthy. Just like there is medicine for different sicknesses, there is food that can be used to get the same results without the side effects.

Most of the medicines and vitamins are manufactured from herbs, leaves or vegetables. If you have a cold you need a lot of onion and garlic, I could go on forever naming dishes like gumbo, etouffee, spaghetti and lasagna that have these two healing ingredients.

A nice steaming bowl of chicken soup is light, and when you are under the weather the warm broth with its natural antibiotics and purifying properties will, for lack of a better word, slide the infection right out of your body. Constipation is the cause of a myriad of ailments. You have to be loosened up and the colon cleansed out. A salad with lots of olive oil in the dressing or a glass of prune juice will do the trick. If you have a headache, drink mint tea and take the oil from the leaves and place it on your temples. For cramps try black Cohosh tea. Stomach upset, sarsaparilla tea or club soda and bitters. A hangover will disappear with orange juice, hot sauce, and raw eggs, along with a good healthy breakfast and lots of water to rehydrate.

Think back a hundred years ago, our ancestors did not have the diseases that plague us today. They were rarely sick and lived a lot longer. I think that the medicines that are concocted today have so many side effects which that outweigh any good that could be done. Why do you think there are all those commercials, “If you have taken “Miracle Cure” and can not control your bowels, have had a stroke, can’t walk, can’t think, or find yourself in a cemetery six feet under, call this number, they may owe you compensation for your suffering.” This is so funny to me.

The doctors, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers get rich while you deteriorate all in the name of medical science. Stop being a guinea pig, eat right and exercise. Look up the side effects before you take prescribed medicine don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about herbal or holistic equivalents.

Like my Grandmother said, “There is no better gift that you can give to a person than a good nourishing plate of food. You are not only feeding the stomach you are feeding the soul.”

Le Bon Temp Roulet! “Let The Good Times Roll!”

Enjoy Food for the Soul and Sweet Satisfaction.

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