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Organic Electric Lemonade-Limeade

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsTotal Time10 mins

The night before making this, place the water into a glass pitcher with several cleared quartz stones
around the bottom of the OUTSIDE of the pitcher. The stones should be cleansed and charged but
should at least be cleared before making this and the pitcher should be glass or ceramic or the effect will
be minimized. If you don't know how to prepare or potentize stones just google "clearing quartz crystals"
for the steps to do so.

 8 cups Spring or filtered water
 3 Organic lemons
 1 Organic lime
 ½ Cup Xylitol or stevia
 4 Medium Quartz stones cleared

The next morning squeeze the cut lemon and lime into pitcher. Cut several disks of
fruit and add to jar to enhance flavor. Add Xylitol and water. Stir until Xylitol is dissolved. Fill Glasses with
fresh ice (cubed or crushed). Add the drink to fill, garnish, Enjoy!