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Renee’s Special Salmon Meal

Yields1 Serving


 4 Medium Salmon Filets
 8 Slices of bacon
 1 Medium container of cajun crab dip
 2 Red or white onions
 Salmon Seasoning
 Cajun seasoning
 1 tsp Salt
 Red potatoes

Glass pyrex dish lined with foil
Preheat oven 350 degrees
Lay out strips of bacon
Wash the salmon and pat dry,
Sprinkle with all seasonings front and back
lay salmon on top of bacon
Place two tablespoons of crab dip on top of Salmon
folding the strips around the fish
Fold over and place a toothpick so it will stay in place
Wash vegetables and drain dry
Slice potatoes in half
Place asparagus in the pan Sprinkle with black pepper
Foil making a seam enclosing everything
Bake for twenty minutes, take out of oven
Set oven to broil
Remove bacon from Salmon
Put bacon on top of the vegetables
Take an extra piece of foil and cover the salmon
Leaving vegetables exposed
Two tablespoons of butter
Broil for five to ten minutes
Remove from oven
Let sit 5 minutes and enjoy